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You probably noticed that since Algebra provided us with a free “revamp” of the site where we can post news, events, jobs, etc., every day we try to publish something new on How useful is it to the community?

This resulted in 9142 visitors in February who opened a total of 15633 pages. Of course, the most visits were on the interviews that the developers themselves share further, so it has a greater reach, but informative pages such as jobs and contact also have a large reach.

This is a list of the top 10 most visited pages:

Most people come from Facebook, some come from search engines, and about 10% come from Discord. Also, one interesting thing, people come to our site by Googling “cost of making video games”, and that query leads directly to our /FAQ page with questions and answers for those who are confused.

PS – if you are looking for industry statistics, you can find it at