Croatia on Nordic Game Policy Summit

In the week, 21.-24. 5. 2024, the twentieth anniversary edition of one of the largest conferences in the global video game industry was held: Nordic Game. HAVC’s representative, who is in charge of video games and new technologies in the Director’s Office, Benjamin Noah Maričak, promoted the newly created Games Croatia project and was one […]

Novska gets 26m€ investment in a game development campus.

Today, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković signed an agreement in Novska on financing the first phase of the Gaming Industry Center project worth 26 million euros. Minister of Regional Development Šime Erlić emphasized that this is the first project financed from the Just Transition Fund and that this kind of center, which covers 9 hectares, is […]

Research on Digital technology, play and child well-being

On this link, the research Digital technology, play and child well-being, which was conducted as part of the RITEC project, was recently published. The research sought to find out if digital games can contribute to the well-being of children and, if so, how? It involved three research projects involving children and their families in six […]

CGDA and MAGDA regional meeting


Yesterday in Skopje, representatives of the North Macedonian gamedev cluster MAGDA and our cluster CGDA exchanged experiences and agreed to apply for a joint regional project intended for countries in transition, and one of the conditions is at least one project partner from an EU country. Also, we learned that MAGDA is founding a new […]

CGDA on Boosting Ecosystems Panel in Belgrade

Today, the Boosting Ecosystems panel was held where several clusters from various countries presented their strategic goals and we exchanged experiences and knowledge. For example, the Belgian cluster with its government designed “Level up!”, a program by which they jointly design the direction in which the industry will go in terms of legislation and support […]

Gaming Campus Novska financed with €26m

Today, a decision was made to finance the first phase of the construction of the gaming industry campus in Novska, in the amount of over 26 million euros. The campus of the gaming industry in Novska includes the construction of facilities related to the opening of studies, a student and student dormitory, a business incubator […]

Prototype Party #1

Today, the first “Prototpye Party” was held in Crni mačak, where game developers and game designers show each other prototypes of their games and give each other feedback. A dozen people represented 7 different games on laptops in the Black Cat gallery. Due to the great success and interest in this type of event, we […]

Two indies on BelDocs official selection


Two Croatian games – “Split Decision” and “Daily Thread” were presented at the BelDocs game showcase in Belgrade. The first is the Split decision, on the management of boxing matches and the accompanying corruption-marketing details. The other is Daily Thread, one of last year’s FutureJam winners, a game about the hard life of textile workers […]

Exchange of regional experiences on the Creative Europe program

Yesterday, at the BelDocs festival in Serbia, a panel was held in front of regional video game producers with examples of video games financed by the Creative Europe fund, and a lecture by the media desk of Slovenia and Serbia. An interesting statistic from the panel is that in Slovenia only 1 studio received the […]

Meeting: Center for a Safer Internet, CGDA, PISMO, A1


Yesterday, a meeting on the topic of children’s safety on the Internet was held in Novska at the PISMO incubator. The participants of the meeting were representatives of the PISMO incubator, A1 Croatia, the Center for a Safer Internet and CGDA. At the meeting, greater cooperation was agreed on regarding the education of young game […]