Croatia on Nordic Game Policy Summit

Croatia on Nordic Game Policy Summit

In the week, 21.-24. 5. 2024, the twentieth anniversary edition of one of the largest conferences in the global video game industry was held: Nordic Game.

HAVC’s representative, who is in charge of video games and new technologies in the Director’s Office, Benjamin Noah Maričak, promoted the newly created Games Croatia project and was one of the speakers at their Games Policy Summit.

The meeting brought together professionals and decision-makers at the local, regional, national, Nordic and European levels in order to develop future strategies for video games.

Benjamin Noah gave a presentation entitled Strategies – Using public funding as a support instrument for game developers on a national and EU level: A Case Study of Croatia. As part of the presentation, he used Croatia as a case study for public funding of video games and gave a broader overview of public funding at the European level. It also built on other successful Croatian projects such as Gaming Incubator PISMO in Novska.

At the meeting, the current state of the game industry was discussed and discussed, and many issues were discussed, such as:

Is this the perfect time to nurture spillover effects into other sectors such as health, education, sustainability, climate and defence? Or should we focus on fostering the general growth of digital skills and innovation?

Should we have support tools tailored to the needs of the video game industry?

Should we support public-private partnerships in the video game sector? Or are the existing support schemes for culture, R&D and SMEs all we need as an industry to increase quality, innovation and competitiveness?

What works and what doesn’t in the industry?

As part of the conference, the Games Croatia project was also promoted. This project was launched by the Croatian Audiovisual Center for the promotion and development of the Croatian video game industry at the Croatian and international level. The initiative brings together the key stakeholders of the Croatian video game industry, and the project is supported by the Cluster of Croatian Video Game Producers, Reboot, the Gaming Incubator PISMO, the HU-IZ-VI Association and the Croatian eSport Savez (HeSS). More information on the website:

Nordic Game is one of the leading video game conferences in Europe that gathers thousands of professionals in the video game industry every year. Nordic Game is a well-known place in the world, but especially in the Nordic video game industry (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). Over 2,500 thousand participants and 157 speakers took part in the twentieth anniversary edition.

More information about the Croatian delegation on the website:

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