About us

We always knew that Croatia has the know how and the talent to produce excellent games, but from our own experience we know that the journey to success is not an easy one. That’s why we decided to pool our efforts and help all Croatian developers through networking, learning opportunities and policy changes.

Our activities


Getting the right people together is sometimes half the job. In CGDA you will have the chance to meet other industry peers who will gladly help you by sharing their experiences.


Learn from other members’ successes and failures, meet new industry peers and get help with a wide variety of game development questions.


Let your voice be heard! CGDA regulary discusses policy developments with all relevant stakeholders to strengthen the position of the video game industry in Croatia.


Industry research supports development of Croatian video game industry; it provides data for new policy proposals, lobbying efforts and general communication with wider audiences.

Some of our members’ games have found worldwide success!