Raising Awareness of Croatian Games to Croatian Gamers

Raising Awareness of Croatian Games to Croatian Gamers

After the end of Good Game Global, the statistics of playing domestic games on CGDA Steam accounts are as follows:

In the last year, players have spent over 300 hours playing and getting to know Croatian games on CGDA accounts at the events Reboot Games Week, Reboot Infogamer and recently at Good Game Global.

They spent the most hours in the game Serious Sam 4 (as many as 109 hours), but they also played many other domestic games, including bigger games like Escape Simulator, SCUM or Red Solstice 2 Survivors, but also smaller domestic hits like I Hate Running Backwards, Eyes in the Dark, Hand of Merlin, Saint Kotar, Speed Limit and many others.

On CGDA accounts, it was also possible to try many games that are not yet available on Steam, such as demos of Professor Baltazar and Go Home Annie or games like Return to Moria, which is currently only available on the Epic Game Store. At Good Game Global, ahead of the premiere of the domestic game Swing By on Steam, players were able to try out that game as well.

The main challenge is the fact that when children sit down at the computer, they can’t wait for someone to look away so they can download Roblox and turn off everything else, so we always have to make sure that Croatian games are presented at the Croatian stand.