Regular Assembly of CGDA 2024

Regular Assembly of CGDA 2024

The assembly session began at 10:00 a.m. on February 23, 2024. At the assembly, out of 35 full members, 20 members appeared.

The goal of the assembly is to design a budget and activity plan for the entire year 2024.

Under the budget item, we voted the following budget:
€4,000 Co-financing of the tax credit analysis for video games in Croatia
€4,000 Industry analysis in 2023
€3,000 co-financing of going to Gamescom
€2,000 Additional budget for various events (Reboots, Gamescom, GameRi, …)
€1,000 Creation of an online industry brochure on the CGDA website
€1,000 Miscellaneous expenses (bookkeeping, hosting, etc.)
€1,000 Organization of a live networking event for CGDA members
Total: €16,000

Under the item of activities, we voted for the following activities:
– Going to events in Croatia: Reboot Develop, Infogamer, GameRi
– Going to Gamescom together
– Lobbying regarding the creation of a tax credit for video games in the Republic of Croatia
– Lobbying HAVC to increase funding for video games
– Lobbying on the issue of double taxation with the USA
– Industry analysis for 2023
– Continuous information to the membership through
– Organization of a networking event
– Steam sale for Croatian games (we decided to try Croatia sale before trying Adria sale)

It was voted by 17 votes that when CGDA receives funds from the HORIZON project, the general secretary will be employed in CGDA with these funds.

Under miscellaneous items, Igor Margan offered that Algebra organizes a job fair if it is in the interest of CGDA to appear there, 15 votes were in favor.
Aleksandar Gavrilović offered to be a full member of the EGDF instead of an associate member, but with 15 votes it was decided to remain an associate member.

The session ended at 10:40.

List of present members:

Gamechuck, representative Aleksandar Gavrilović
Binx Games, representative Bernard Bachrach
Ironward, representative of Hrvoje Horvatek
Algebra, representative Igor Margan
Nanobit, representative Ivan Murat
LETTER, representative Ivana Kuzlić Matanović
HU IZ VI, representative Josip Barun
Fearem, representative Karlo Eldić
Enton, representative of Luka Blažević
LGM, representative Mario Mihoković
Protopixel, representative Marko Kovačić
Misfit Village, representative Mladen Bošnjak
Croteam, representative Nikola Mosettig
Room C Games, representative Robert Sajko
Turing studio, representative Tin Zupančić
Fury Studios, representative Tomislav Gojević
Under the Stairs, representative Vladimir Bogdanić
Ajvar studio, representative Zoran Domuzin
Porcupine Parkour, representative Zvonimir Barać