Ten Croatian studios looking for international coproduction

Ten Croatian studios looking for international coproduction

As many as 10 Croatian studios applied for the MATCH fund for co-production this year.

MATCH is an annual program that started in 2018, and the initiator of the program is SpielFabrique. Originally Franco-German, it now includes more than fifteen European countries each year.

As part of the co-production fair, studios can get to know each other, connect and get mentorship. Also, Spielfabrique has established collaborations with many partners who have been selecting the best co-productions for several years and offering them publishing or investment contracts (examples of partners are Arte, Ubisoft Blue Byte, Pictanovo, etc.). The fair ends with the selection of the best co-production partners and their presentation to potential investors in Strasbourg.

List of Croatian studios looking for co-production this year:

Acodeon Development

Affordable Care Games

Studio spectrum

Downtown Game Studio


Porcupine Parkour

Crane 51

Five Russians